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These are the values we live by; SITEC Engineering & Environmental Consultants, Inc. is a professional, business-forward engineering firm dedicated to meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations. We take the headaches out of permitting and site development. We work diligently on behalf of our clients to navigate regulatory requirements, mitigate environmental impact, secure permits, engineer solutions and meet community expectations to ensure that their development projects are successful.

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For over 20 years, commercial, residential and industrial developers have been turning to SITEC Engineering & Environmental for all of their land development needs. During that time we have successfully completed hundreds of projects for our clients, including: civil/site engineering, land use planning and permitting, wetlands and waterfront assessments, hazardous waste/environmental site assessments, solid waste landfill, transfer, and recycling facilities, and septic and wastewater treatment system designs.


We pride ourselves on being able to meet nearly any deadline given. Our team of engineers employs the latest technology and processes to maximize our efficiency and keep your project moving forward. We understand that when it comes to most construction projects, timing is a critical factor. That is why we work with state and local governments to make sure all of your permitting and assessment needs are met and solutions are developed in advance for any physical or regulatory constraints that could limit your development.

Our Services

SITEC Engineering & Environmental specializes in all aspects of site planning, design and permitting for retail, commercial, renewable energy, medical, office, institutional, petroleum, industrial, solid waste and residential properties. The following represents a general summary of the services that we provide:

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Civil & Environmental Engineering

A primary professional service provided by SITEC Engineering & Environmental is the design and engineering of sites for the development of residential and commercial subdivisions, shopping centers and office and industrial buildings. This service includes the preparation of engineering plans for site layout, grading, utilities, drainage and storm water mitigation, landscaping, parking layout and highway curb cuts.

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Land Use Planning

The professional property development process typically involves an early on determination of the constraints likely to limit the development of a subject property. These constraints include regulatory requirements, physical limitations and abutter and community expectations. We have successfully designed and permitted hundreds of development projects, often involving difficult properties. We bring this extensive experience to the table to determine likely problems in advance, prior to the expenditure of a significant portion of a project budget.

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Hazardous & Solid Waste Services

SITEC Engineering & Environmental helps individual property owners, private industries, and government agencies resolve a variety of environmental contamination concerns using the latest cost-effective techniques and strategies. We are well versed at performing everything from initial Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for due diligence purposes, to implementing and managing large-scale cleanup projects.

The design and permitting of solid waste disposal and processing facilities (landfills and transfer stations) is also a major component of our work. SITEC Engineering & Environmental provides all of the professional engineering and environmental assessment capabilities required to design, permit and monitor these facilities.

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