Land Use Planning

The professional property development process typically involves an early on determination of the constraints likely to limit the development of a subject property. These constraints include regulatory requirements, physical limitations and abutter and community expectations. SITEC’s interdisciplinary group of professional engineers, field scientists and planners certified by the American Planning Association (APA) are uniquely qualified to identify these constraints and to formulate strategies for successfully proceeding through the complex local, state and federal land development permitting process. We have successfully designed and permitted hundreds of development projects, often involving difficult properties. We bring this extensive experience to the table to determine likely problems in advance, prior to the expenditure of a significant portion of a project budget.

Land Use Planning

  • Site Planning
  • Regional Planning
  • Urban Planning
  • Master Planning
  • Recreational Planning
  • Environmental Planning
  • Smart Growth
  • Landscape Architecture Planning


  • Zoning Analysis
  • Remodeling restrictions
  • Compliance Status


  • Hearing Presentation
  • Expert Testimony
  • City/County Approval Processes

Land Use Permitting

Land Use Permitting involves a tangle of legal, strategic, political, engineering, and financial issues. SITEC Environmental works hard to maneuver our client’s projects through the labyrinth of local and state land use regulations and strategic considerations. Our experience covers all stages of planning and developing commercial and residential projects, including single-family residential subdivisions, multi-family developments, retail developments, office parks, solid waste and sewage treatment facilities, and industrial complexes. We apply our skills and knowledge of the permitting process to work through federal, state and municipal laws, regulations, and community ordinances to secure the necessary permits for your development.

Municipal Permitting

  • City Council/Board of Selectmen
  • Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Planning Board
  • Conservation Commission
  • Board of Health
  • Layout/Grading/Erosion Control/Stormwater Management
  • Landscaping/Lighting Design
  • Building Permit/Construction Support/Certificate of Occupancy

State & EPA Permitting

  • State Access, Drainage, Utility and Solid Waste Permits
  • Self-Serve Fire Suppression Plans
  • Wetland Permitting
  • Coastal Design and Permitting
  • Rivers, Streams & Floodplains
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Contaminated areas
  • EPA “Notice of Intent for Storm Water Discharges Associated with
    Construction Activity Under an NPDES General Permit”
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