Hingham Tennis Club

  • worcesterint
  • October 31, 2017

Hingham Tennis Club

The Hingham Tennis Club was founded in 1907 and when it was time for them to reconstruct their courts, they retained the services of SITEC Environmental. The club had clay courts, which they expanded over the years. One persistent problem they endured was poor court drainage that prevented play for days after a rainstorm. As part of the court reconstruction and regrading, SITEC Environmental designed an under drain system to alleviate the poor drainage.

Complicating the permitting was the courts close proximity to wetlands and an abutter’s perceived drainage impacts. SITEC Environmental obtained Conservation Commission approval and also addressed the abutter’s concerns. With construction complete, the Club now enjoys their new courts throughout the season, with no rain delays.

Services Utilized

  • Environmental Assessment, Permitting, Drainage System Installation, Re-grading