Municipal Fueling Facility

  • worcesterint
  • October 22, 2017

Municipal Fueling Facility - Shrewsbury, MA

The Town of Shrewsbury Electric & Cable Operations and the Department of Public Works needed to replace their fleet fueling systems and upgrade their fuel management systems. SITEC Environmental provided complete designs, specifications, public bid advertisements, bid evaluations and construction services for both fuel dispensing locations. Both projects needed to be coordinated to ensure that one location was in operation when the other was under construction, as all municipal departments, including police and fire, depended on these locations for their fuel.

With the installation of the fuel management system, all pump activation keys were coded and tied into the Town’s computer network. Not only could the Town remotely monitor the fuel in the storage tanks, they could track individual vehicle fuel usage and accurately “invoice” each department.

Services Utilized

  • Fuel management system design and installation, Permitting, Construction Services, Environmental Assessment